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Crown yourself with the essence of minimalist artistry in the "Monochrome Logo" Cap, an accessory that champions restrained elegance within its contours. Featuring the Juho.And logo embroidered in tones of night, this cap is as much a nod to our creative roots as it is a testament to the chic allure of simplicity.

Symbol of Unity: The Juho.And logo, embroidered in the sophisticated language of black-on-black, adorns the cap, acting as a silent beacon for those who treasure expression through artful subtlety. It's a unifying mark that connects like-minded individuals, an understated yet powerful declaration of our Cool Kids Cult.

Sleek Athleticism: Designed with an athletic shape and a curved visor, the "Monochrome Logo" Cap brings together the worlds of sporty dynamism and smooth urbanity. The elegant silhouette conjures visions of effortless cool, mirroring the wearer's ability to traverse diverse worlds with suave adaptability.

Customized Serenity: Available in two sizes and crafted with an elastic stretch band, this cap offers unparalleled comfort and a secure fit. As it gently hugs the contours of your head, you're reminded of the assurance that comes from wearing something tailored to feel as good as it looks—a rarefied blend of style and solace.

The "Monochrome Logo" Cap is more than headwear—it’s a silent companion accompanying you on your journey, a subtle affirmation of your identity. Flaunt your affiliation with understated confidence, and when you step out into the world, let this cap be the silent statement of your adherence to the Cool Kids Cult.

Embrace the elegance of exclusivity as you join us at @juho.andclothing on Instagram using #jointhecult, and let the cap serve as your insignia in the quiet symphony of our shared story, resonating with those who understand that sometimes the most profound statements are made without a single word spoken.

With the "Monochrome Logo" Cap, every gesture is an echo of sophistication, every look a dialogue of style. This is the cap for the discerning ones who choose to walk the path of enigmatic presence, who understand that in the world of the Cool Kids Cult, the boldest statement is the one made in silent confidence.


  • 63% polyester, 34% cotton, 3% spandex twill
  • Structured, 6-panel, mid-profile (with a low-profile embroidery area)
  • 6 embroidered eyelets
  • Stretch band
  • Silver undervisor