About us – all three of us.

The Juho.And story

They say that every brand has a story. Ours does too. It's a story of three cousins and their desire, or realisation, after growing up together, after spending thirty years together, that they should create something together. 

That something is our brand, Juho.And.

The idea came from one of the cousins, Päivi, in 2019, and after a few familial negotiations – which is what happens when one of the cousins, Miikka, has a background in sales and marketing, and another cousin, Juho, is the creative force – our brand was off and running.

Our goal was always to keep things light, have fun, and be creative. And though it's taken hard work to overcome some hurdles, such as product sourcing and even our own business management lessons, we've been able to stay true to our goal. Sometimes we still bang our heads against the wall, or against each other's heads, and we've even decided that failure can also be an option. Mainly because we know that we'll learn from it. So far, fun and creativity still guides us.

Finally in September 2022 we were ready to launch our online storefront. Improvements are always happening, much like life itself, but we are in business and keeping our customers happy. We might not always do things the "right" way, but we always do them our way. And in a way that always respects the people for whom we are designing. 

The Juho.And mission

Creativity. People. Planet.

Juho is our artist, the designer with the vision and skills to create all of our works of art. Hence our brand name, Juho.And.

Our mission is not too different from our goal to always keep things light, have fun, and be creative. Only with our designs and our products, it's our customers that we hope will feel and enjoy the fun and share in our creativity. We know from experience that creative types stick together, are attracted to one another, and find inspiration from each other, and we hope that you will find the same in us, and share your creativity with us – because inspiring and sharing creativity is what Juho.And is all about.

We intentionally do our work on a small scale but we always go big on artistic and product quality. For our canvasses, we only select products from reputable, environmentally responsible manufacturers such as Stanley/Stella who are known for their high quality clothing and ECO-certifications. Offering the best quality, eco-friendly clothing allows our designs – and you – to shine, and to stand out from everyday apparel.

Using print-on-demand technology, we are able to fulfill your orders quickly and introduce new designs more quickly too. Not to mention, print-on-demand is remarkably more sustainable than conventionally mass-produced goods, which is better for all of us.

Oh, and our official company name is CKC Clothing Oy, because it reflects the "Cool Kids Cult" mentality that has been part of us since our childhood. Even today we still like to think of ourselves as pretty cool kids.


Juho.And / CKC Clothing Oy
Juho, Päivi & Miikka