• Fellow in the Darkness
  • Fellow in the Darkness
  • Fellow in the Darkness

Cool Kids Cult

Fellow in the Darkness

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Embrace the night's shadow with the "Fellow in the Darkness" Snapback Hat, an embodiment of mystique perched upon your brow. Engulfed in a black as deep as the silent guardian it features, this hat stands as a beacon of the Cool Kids Cult, a silent nod to those who bear the torch of enigmatic style.

The Silent Guardian: Commanding the forefront, the Fellow emerges in a seamless black-on-black embroidery, a spectral presence that captivates and intrigues. Positioned boldly yet subtly on the cap, it represents the protective halo over our shared ambitions, epitomizing our covert quest for unity under the banner of creativity.

Classic Reinvented: With its structured design and classic fit, the "Fellow in the Darkness" Snapback Hat reinforces timeless aesthetics while the flat brim injects a dose of modern audacity. The customized fit is achieved with the adjustable snap closure at the back, ensuring this emblematic hat sits comfortably atop heads of all shapes and sizes. One size truly fits most, allowing every member of the Cool Kids Cult to partake in the unity of shadowed style. Constructed with full buckram for shape integrity, this headwear is not just a piece of fashion, but a fortress of individuality.

Mark your allegiance to the nuanced narrative by donning the "Fellow in the Darkness" Snapback Hat. Pair with the hoodie of the same name for a unified armor of intrigue, and when you share your stance @juho.andclothing on Instagram using #jointhecult, you forge yet another link in the chain of our unwritten legacy.

In this hat, let every tilt of the head be an unspoken dialogue, every glance a flash of the enigmatic — step out and let the "Fellow in the Darkness" be the silhouette that speaks volumes in the silent language of the cool, the cryptic, and the commanding.


  • 80% acrylic, 20% wool
  • Structured, 6-panel, high-profile
  • 6 embroidered eyelets
  • Plastic snap closure
  • Green undervisor
  • Head circumference 54.9 cm–60 cm